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*410a HVAC System Breakdowns! *Adding 410a refrigerant *365 days of Insurance for one HVAC system (up to 3 ton and up to 16 SEER) *Coil cleaning (If coil is visibly dirty) or coil replacement (if coil becomes faulty) *Repairing or replacing faulty capacitors *Repairing or replacing a faulty compressor *Repairing or replacing a faulty contactor *Repairing and replacing single stage motors if motor has become faulty *Repairing or replacing parts as needed(if part failure has occured) inside the air conditioner, heat pump, evaporator coil, air handler, or furnace. *Labor cost to repair or replace those parts if they fail *Labor cost for all HVAC system diagnostic calls when the HVAC system has stopped working *Cost to repair high voltage wiring issues up to 5 feet from the air handler *High voltage wire repairs up to 5 feet from the condenser(air conditioner or heat pump) *High voltage wire repairs up to 5 feet from the air handler/furnace*HVAC service within 48 hours of the service call request(phone call)*(Email service requests are subject to longer wait times)*Parts that fail will be replaced with OEM or generic parts or parts of the same sort(upgraded parts are not covered)*For example we would not replace a basic thermostat with a fancy digital NEST thermostat. We would replace it with another basic thermostat.



*Repairing or replacing variable speed motors *Repairing or replacing electrical disconnect boxes in relation to the insured HVAC system * Any cost to repair or replace the whole home electric panel or whole home fuse box* Any cost to repair or replace the high voltage circuit wire for the condenser more than 5 feet from the condenser* Any cost to repair or replace the high voltage circuit wire for the air handler more than 5 feet from the air handler.*Service outside of normal business hours Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.


 Terms and Conditions:

A one time inspection will be required in order for Drymount Air to insure an HVAC system. After our initial inspection Drymount Air will either approve or deny insurance coverage for the HVAC system in request. It is our right to decline insurance coverage if the HVAC system has any underlying issues or code violations. The initial inspection cost is $79. The customer would still be obligated to pay the $79 initial inspection fee even if Drymount Air declines insurance coverage. The $79 would be credited towards the annual insurance fee of $599 If Drymount Air approves the HVAC system for insurance.

Annual HVAC System Insurance

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