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Price includes:

*A Certified technician out to the property

*Removal and haul away of existing thermostat

*New Ecobee Lite 3 Thermostat

*Installation of the Ecobee Lite 3 Thermostat

*Diagnostic and inspection of 1 HVAC system

*testing thermostat in heat and cool mode

*Inspecting indoor air filter

*Changing the air filter if supplied by customer and if the filter is easily accessible

*Inspect blower motor for proper function
*Inspect blower wheel, blower wheel housing, and blower compartment for cleanliness

*Inspecting circuit boards, electrical devices, and wiring for burn marks, hazards, or code violations

*Inspect indoor evaporator coil for rust, oil spots from refrigerant leaks, and cleanliness

*Duct calculation to check for proper air flow

*Check for air leaks in duct work at the indoor air handler

*Inspect outdoor condenser

*Inspect condenser coil

*Test contactor

*Test capacitor

*Test hard start kit if present

*Test condenser
*Test fan motor

*Check refrigerant levels, subcooling, and superheat

*Diagnostic report

*Estimate for recommendations

Ecobee Lite 3

$375.00 Regular Price
$337.50Sale Price
  • 1-3 day Delivery and Installation 

    Call now to check our availability and  schedule installation!


    Or email us at:

  • *5 Year Thermostat Warranty

    *1 Year Thermostat Labor Warranty Drymount Air

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